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Optical Control of Plasmonic Hot Carriers in Graphene

Postdoctoral Opportunity – Near-Field Ultrafast Optics

Many phenomena in natural and engineered systems are both spatial and temporal, meaning that they involve dynamical changes and movements of nonuniform patterns.  Examples include wave propagation, heating and cooling, chemical reactions, and diffusion.  The ability to visualize these phenomena

Black phosphorus frequency mixer for infrared optoelectronic signal processing

Probing the free-carrier absorption in multi-layer black phosphorus

Ultra-broadband photodetectors based on epitaxial graphene quantum dots

Optical Gating of Black Phosphorus for Terahertz Detection

Terahertz photoresponse of black phosphorus

Narrow plasmon resonances enabled by quasi-freestanding bilayer epitaxial graphene

Graphene-Based Waveguide-Integrated Terahertz Modulator

Tunable Ultrafast Thermal Relaxation in Graphene Measured by Continuous-Wave Photomixing