Category: Electro-Optics

Graphene-Based Waveguide-Integrated Terahertz Modulator

Experimental observation of chimera and cluster states in a minimal globally coupled network

Chimeras in small, globally coupled networks: Experiments and stability analysis

Chris Fritz and Dillan Chang complete TREND summer REU program

Congratulations to undergraduate students Chris Fritz (Dickinson) and Dillan Chang (Cornell), who concluded their 10-week research program with our laboratory, and presented their work at the annual TREND fair on August 7. Chris spent the summer investigating whether we could

Harvesting entropy and quantifying the transition from noise to chaos in a photon-counting feedback loop

Aaron Hagerstrom defends Ph.D.

Congratulations to Aaron Hagerstrom, who successfully defended his dissertation! Aaron’s research during the past 5 years has been featured so far in Nature Physics, Nature Communications and PNAS.

Research on Entropy, Noise and Chaos appears in PNAS

Our recent experimental study of time-delayed optoelectronic feedback loops incorporating a photon-counting detector has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS). This paper shows a transition from single-photon shot noise to deterministic chaos, and describes

Electro-optic millimeter-wave harmonic downconversion and vector demodulation using cascaded phase modulation and optical filtering

Free space millimeter wave-coupled electro-optic high speed nonlinear polymer phase modulator with in-plane slotted patch antennas

Improved Carrier-to-Sideband Ratio for Free Space Millimeter Wave-Coupled Electro-Optic Polymer High Speed Phase Modulators