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Black phosphorus frequency mixer for infrared optoelectronic signal processing

Electro-optic millimeter-wave harmonic downconversion and vector demodulation using cascaded phase modulation and optical filtering

Free space millimeter wave-coupled electro-optic high speed nonlinear polymer phase modulator with in-plane slotted patch antennas

Improved Carrier-to-Sideband Ratio for Free Space Millimeter Wave-Coupled Electro-Optic Polymer High Speed Phase Modulators

Vincent Pagán Defends Ph.D. Thesis

Congratulations to Vince Pagán, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “RF Photonic Vector Modulation and Demodulation Techniques for Millimeter-Wave Communications”. Vince’s research has been featured in Optics Express (thrice), Optics Letters (twice), and several major international conferences including CLEO, OFC,

Free Space Millimeter Wave-Coupled Electro-Optic High Speed Phase Modulator Based on Nonlinear Optical Polymer In-Plane Waveguide Structure

Phase-modulated Radio-Over-Fiber Systems

Millimeter-Wave 6Gb/s Wireless BPSK Electrooptic Link

Wireless BPSK Communication Using Electrooptic Modulation for Coherent Microwave Detection

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