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Optical Control of Plasmonic Hot Carriers in Graphene

Postdoctoral Opportunity – Near-Field Ultrafast Optics

Many phenomena in natural and engineered systems are both spatial and temporal, meaning that they involve dynamical changes and movements of nonuniform patterns.  Examples include wave propagation, heating and cooling, chemical reactions, and diffusion.  The ability to visualize these phenomena

Probing the free-carrier absorption in multi-layer black phosphorus

Optical Gating of Black Phosphorus for Terahertz Detection

Tunable Ultrafast Thermal Relaxation in Graphene Measured by Continuous-Wave Photomixing

Mid-infrared time-resolved photoconduction in black phosphorus

Yiğit Aytac joins the group

Welcome to Yiğit Aytac, who joins the group as a postdoctoral research associate. Yiğit recently completed his PhD degree in Physics from the University of Iowa, where he used nonlinear optics and pump-probe methods to study carrier dynamics in superlattices.

Role of Transient Reflection in Graphene Nonlinear Infrared Optics

Intrinsic Speed of a Black Phosphorus Photoconductive Detector

Ryan Suess defends Ph.D. Thesis

Congratulations to Dr. Ryan Suess, who successfully defended his thesis, entitled “Nonlinear Optics and Carrier Dynamics in Nanostructured and Two-Dimensional Materials”