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Vincent Pagán Defends Ph.D. Thesis

Congratulations to Vince Pagán, who successfully defended his doctoral thesis entitled “RF Photonic Vector Modulation and Demodulation Techniques for Millimeter-Wave Communications”. Vince’s research has been featured in Optics Express (thrice), Optics Letters (twice), and several major international conferences including CLEO, OFC,

J. J. Wathen Defends Ph.D. Thesis

Congratulations to J. J. Wathen, who successfully defended his Ph.D. Thesis this morning, entitled “Characterization of Nonlinear Waveguides for All-Optical Signal Processing”.

Efficient continuous-wave four-wave mixing in bandgap-engineered AlGaAs waveguides

Caitlin Williams Defends PhD Thesis

Congratulations to Caitlin Williams, who successfully defended her PhD thesis today, entitled “Optoelectronic Experiments on Random Bit Generators and Coupled Dynamical Systems.”  Caitlin has accepted a position as a visiting assistant professor of Physics at Washington and Lee University, where she

Rafael Setra presents his research at the TREND fair

Rafael Setra (UMD undergraduate) today concluded a very productive 10 week research project to explore the use of chaotic phase modulation to suppress stimulated Brillouin scattering in fiber optic systems.

Experimental Observations of Group Synchrony in a System of Chaotic Optoelectronic Oscillators

Phase-modulated Radio-Over-Fiber Systems

Millimeter-Wave 6Gb/s Wireless BPSK Electrooptic Link

Conversion of RZ-OOK to RZ-BPSK by XPM in a Passive AlGaAs Waveguide

Fiber-Optic Communications