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Nonlinear Plasmonic THz Absorption in Graphene Ribbons

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Mehdi Jadidi wins ECE Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship Award

Mehdi Jadidi was selected as one of this year’s recipients of the 2016 ECE Distinguished Dissertation Fellowship Award.  This $3,000 fellowship is intended to recognize the outstanding work Mehdi has done towards his dissertation, “Graphene Plasmonics for Tunable Terahertz Optoelectronics”

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Nonlinear Terahertz Absorption of Graphene Plasmons

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Resonantly Enhanced Nonlinear Response of Graphene Plasmons

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Tunable Terahertz Hybrid Metal–Graphene Plasmons

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Shanshan Li defends Ph.D. Thesis

Congratulations to Shanshan Li, who successfully defended her doctoral thesis entitled “Silicon Based Terahertz Waveguides”. Shanshan’s research has been featured in Optics Express, Nature Nanotechnology, New Journal of Physics, IEEE Transactions on THz Technology, and most recently in Optica.

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Plasmon-Enhanced Terahertz Photodetection in Graphene

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Plasmonic terahertz waveguide based on anisotropically etched silicon substrate

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Naomi Halas visits UMD on 10/4

We are pleased to welcome Prof. Naomi Halas (Rice University) who will be delivering the Booz Allen Hamilton Distinguished Colloquium in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Here talk, entitled “Frontiers of Plasmonics: New Materials, Interactions, and Applications” will be at 3:00pm

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Silicon pillars shown to guide terahertz radiation

Our forthcoming paper published online this week in the New Journal of Physics, explains how an array of heavily doped silicon pillars can form a new type of waveguide for use in the terahertz frequency range.

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