Category: Synchronization

Complete characterization of the stability of cluster synchronization in complex dynamical networks

Adding connections can hinder network synchronization of time-delayed oscillators

Newly published paper sheds light on symmetries and clusters in networks

Our latest research, appearing in Nature Communications, sheds light on the role of symmetries in the formation of clusters in networks.

Cluster synchronization and isolated desynchronization in complex networks with symmetries

Synchronization states and multistability in a ring of periodic oscillators: Experimentally variable coupling delays

Symmetries and Clusters in Complex Networks (Lou Pecora, Aaron Hagerstrom)

Join us at lunch this Thursday in ERF 1207 for the Applied Dynamics Seminar, when Lou Pecora (NRL) and Aaron Hagerstrom (UMD) will speak about their ongoing research on the relationship between symmetry and clusters in network synchronization.

Synchronization patterns of an experimental ring of coupled optoelectronic oscillators

Optoelectronic Experiments On Random Bit Generators And Coupled Dynamical Systems

Chaotic Synchronization in Optical Networks

Group Synchrony in an Experimental System of Delay-coupled Optoelectronic Oscillators