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Welcome to Nathan Super

Nathan Super joins the lab this summer through the NSF-sponsored TREND program.  Nathan is currently pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Physics at William and Mary College.

Prof. Murphy elected Fellow of the Optical Society of America

Prof. Thomas E. Murphy was named as one of 96 individuals among the newest class of 2017 OSA Fellows, for “sustained contributions to nonlinear, electro-optic, and ultrafast processes in nanoscale materials, integrated photonics, devices, and systems.”  The OSA fellow citation

Mon 4/3 @ 3pm: How to Publish in Nature Photonics (David Pile)

On Monday 4/3 at 3:00pm in ERF 1207, Dr. David Pile (Senior Editor, Nature Photonics) will give a seminar about how to publish in Nature Photonics.  Bring your difficult questions!

Amir Ali Ahmadi wins Sloan Foundation Fellowship

Prof. Amir Ali Ahmadi (Princeton) was selected this year as one of only 126 individuals in the US to win an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation Fellowship. Amir was an undergraduate researcher in our laboratory in 2005, and although he is currently

PRL Editor’s Suggestion: Continuous-Wave Photomixing in Graphene

Our paper entitled “Tunable Ultrafast Thermal Relaxation in Graphene Measured by Continuous-Wave Photomixing” was published this week in Phys. Rev. Lett. and was highlighted as an Editor’s Suggestion. Only about one in six PRL papers are so highlighted, based on

Sai Kanth Dacha joins the lab

Welcome to Sai Kanth Dacha, who joined the lab in Spring 2017. Sai received his BTech in Engineering Physics from IIT Madras in 2016, and joined the Physics department at UMD in 2016.

Lei Chen, Matt Chin join the group

Welcome to Lei Chen and Matthew Chin who joined the group in the Fall 2016 semester. Lei received his BS degree from Huazhong University of Science & Technology, China. Lei has also received a selective fellowship from the Department of Electrical

Congratulations to Ryan and Ting!

Congratulations to Drs. Ryan Suess and Ting Xie, who were graduated in the Clark School’s commencement yesterday!

Gagan Kumar wins prestigous Ramanujan Fellowship

Prof. Gagan Kumar (IIT Guwahati, and former postdoctoral scholar from our group) has recently been selected to receive a Ramanujan Fellowship.  “The fellowship is meant for brilliant scientists and engineers from all over the world to take up scientific research positions

Martin Mittendorff to join laboratory in September

We are very pleased to announce that Martin Mittendorff will be joining the group in September 2014 as a postdoctoral research associate.  Martin is currently finishing his Ph.D. thesis under the direction of Prof. Manfred Helm at Technical University Dresden and Dr. Stephan